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Since 1980, Real Mobili srl produces and sells furniture to combine modern design and luxurious at the same time.
Our company likes the discerning customer who gratifies the commitment that Real Mobili offers, through the work and experience of Italian craftsmen. Real Mobili offers modern design and deluxe kitchen cabinets, bathroom furniture , modern furniture, living rooms, bedrooms. For existing furnishings, Real Mobili offers the single sale of the kitchen table, chair and furniture of the living room, bed for the bedroom and sofa.
The history of Real Mobili is the tale of a constant dream, which takes place every hour of labor employed with sacrifice and determination. The company pays attention to the man and to his comfort, functionality and safety of the environment that he lives; the choice of materials and finishes, solid, modern design and luxury; integration between simplicity and technological innovation; customer care, both for the value-for-money products and for the quick and efficient after-sales service. Choosing Real Mobili means dressing custom-made.

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